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The mission of NZF WorldWide is to establish National Zakat Foundations in strategic locations and to demonstrate a standardized and functional approach to Zakat at a global landscape. We have 5 member countries across the globe.

Setting up an NZF in your country

NZF WW specialises in creating and seeding new National Zakat Foundations where the aim is to enable the team to identify, assess and pursue opportunities to create social and business value for their community The NZF brand is all about the delivery of high-impact social, economic value and human capital development. We help you conceptualise your business plan from day one. This is the first step in developing a high-impact Zakat strategy. We always begin with principles and take a holistic view of Zakat. This involves understanding theory and impactful practice. We define the overarching goals and objectives of Zakat as well as the potential of Zakat. We then focus on six critical areas in establishing new foundations: assets, people, processes, capital, context and outputs.

Our 6 member countries


United Kingdom

NZF in Australia

They have distributed $12+ million and have helped thousands of Muslims since 2013. “We are using Zakat to empower and transform lives in our local community”

NZF in Canada

“Establishing the pillar of Zakat and building a self-sufficient community”. Since the establishment of NZF in Canada, they have proven themselves and partner with numerous governmental organizations to leverage synergies.

NZF in the Netherlands

Since its inception in 2020, NZF in the Netherlands have been growing rapidly. “We are here to stay and strenghten Muslims and Islam”. Hundreds of local Muslims have been assisted since then.

NZF in Switzerland

Our foundation strives to be a movement that inspires, motivates and connects people from all walks of life.” Since 2020, NZF in Switzerland made itself mainstream in the local landscape.

NZF in the UK

Since 2011, millions of pounds have been collected and distributed locally. NZF in the UK handles on a monthly base more than 1000+ request for assistance. “Zakat is here to help Muslims in the UK build. abetter life in a stronger community.”

NZF in Germany

Germany started its journey in 2023 and is growing rapidly. “We want to make in impact in the German Muslim community”. Currently we are structurising the German entity to have strong base for building the future.

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