Mission and vision

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Our dream

The dream of our NZF members is:

NZF creates societies in which people are the ‘man of God’ and the ‘man of people’. Everyone’s challenge is our shared challenge. We do not leave any challenge unanswered that we identify in our local communities. We are the torchbearers of the light of the heavens, and we walk together towards the Ultimate and Infinite Light.

Our mission

To establish National Zakat Foundations in strategic locations and to demonstrate a standardized and functional approach to Zakat at a global landscape.

Our vision

The establishment of Zakat ecosystems in every area of the World.

We operate according to our core values


We are compassionate. We listen carefully, feel the needs of our community and act like one body. We’re here for each other.


Protecting human dignity is at the heart of everything we do. This relates to our positive view of mankind and the manner of interacting.


We are a continuously learning organization. We maintain a high standard of personal and organizational integrity and quality.


We fulfill the promise to our Creator (vertically) and creation (horizontally). Our community can count on us..


We are transparent in what we stand for, our way of working and the achievements within our society.