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We have three key services enabling the best management of Zakat, in line with both the letter and spirit of scripture to deliver premier results.

We are developing key educational assets for Zakat stakeholders to take benefit from.

We provide bespoke solutions for Zakat stakeholders who are wanting to improve/ design Zakat programs.

We work with select partners who are interested in facilitating a launch of NZF in their country, enabling an exemplary Zakat institution to be established.



“Zakat expenditures are only for the poor and for the needy and for those employed to collect `{`zakat`}` and for bringing hearts together `{`for Islam`}` and for freeing captives `{`or slaves`}` and for those in debt and for the cause of Allah and for the `{`stranded`}` traveler - an obligation `{`imposed`}` by Allah. And Allah is Knowing and Wise.” (Quran, 9:60)

We are committed to bringing this injunction to life with the best return possible. Recognizing the needs of sacred text, contemporary governance requirements and the aspirations of philanthropists and philanthropic institutions we are proud to serve our clients with a bespoke solution in a time of great change and challenge.


We established the first National Zakat Foundation in 2011 in the United Kingdom. Since then we opened two further bodies, one in Australia and one in Canada. In 2016 we then constituted National Zakat Foundation Worldwide as a central body to coordinate activity between our foundations and optimize our impact.

We have taken great pride in leading the Zakat dialogue in our countries of operation. We are committed to ensuring that Zakat is understood and managed effectively in the presence of Muslim communities. The organization does this through a multidisciplinary team which brings together Islamic jurists, educators, charity services specialists and philanthropists. Today we are proud to serve NGOs, international foundations, like the UN, and philanthropists seeking to improve the social impact of their Zakat investments.

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